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Do you know a place that doesn’t exist anymore?

23 února @ 19:30 24 února @ 20:45

Performance – 75min

23/02 – 19:30
24/02 – 19:30

It can happen that a place stops existing. It might be because it physically disappears, because it gets modified or because it changes functions. What usually remains is a subjective memory of it, linked to a moment or a feeling towards it. The performance tackles the concept of impermanence of space and the inevitable fact that all places get altered or disappear one day.Four architects specialized in the reconstruction of places that don’t exist anymore, invite to visit their studio. If there is a place that you know that no longer exists and that you miss or would like to visit again, you will have the possibility to see it being recreated in the space.

Mara Ingea
Susana Botero Santos
En-Ping Yu
Kirstine Hupfeldt Nielsen

Please reserve to participate (40 participants for each day):