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ELEMENTS 2022 -FMT Festival-

2 4 月 @ 11:00 22:00

Dear audience,
We are moved and excited to welcome you back to this year FMT festival – Elements, now scheduled to take place live! This once self-evident, intrinsic aspect, the liveness of a performance, now gives us cause for rejoicing, coming as almost redemptive news.
After a shutdown of cultural venues overall that lasted for several months due to the pandemic, we are hopeful that this festival will bring us together again, emphatically reminding us of all the things we were deprived of last year: the joy of human contact and the unique effect of Art – live Art – on our lives.
We are going to present works by artists from Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Croatia, USA, Spain, Azerbaijan and Sweden. The programme encompasses works with a very distinctive artistic brand and a wide range of styles, including over 11 World premieres.
After a cultural dry spell that lasted for almost a year and a half, both our responsibility and appetite are huge – it is high time this dialogue opened again. Our artistic programme cannot be pigeonholed into strictly defined themes and theoretical frameworks. That being said, several of our work of art are, in fact, built around one certain recurring themes: The Four Elements


Program Schedule:

11:00 Bansuri improvisation (Linus Lundquist)
12:00 Artist talk (Klara Dujmovic, Petra Patafta, Ingrid Wong and Emelie Sjöström)
13:00 Electroacoustic music:
-Noisegate (2022) (Petr Danda)
-Public Mono/Dialog (2022) (Klara Dujmović)
-Purring in Isolation (2022) (Eric Lanzillotta)
-No title (2022) (Petra Patafta)
-Etude for flute (2020)
-flutitst: Jana Jarkovs (Barry Wan)
-The quintessence of emptiness
-Marduk’s countenance (2022))(Daniel Chudovský)
15:00 Live (Emelie Sjöström, Štěpán Filípek, Rolf Ekström)
17:00 Video and mixed media:
-MUD (2022) (Azer Haciaskerli/Nargis Asgerova)
-Electro-PiR-Tronic 3 (2022) (Makin Fung Bing Fai)
-Imitation of Imitation (2022) (Man Tin)
-(Lightning) The Fall of Babylon(2022) (Natálie Nebázniva, Barry Wan, Ella Pavel)
-The shadow (2022) (Anders Flodin, Ingrid Wong, Rolf Ekström)
19:30 Auxig (Polina Khatsenka, Barry Wan, Jan Krombholz, Petr Hanžl)