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NGO DEI Working Capital Crowdfunding Scheme


NGO DEI ( was established in Prague, the Czech Republic in May 2020, as a non-profit art and cultural institution. We held over 30 exhibitions and events to promote art and Hong Kong culture. We are establishing our community and contributing to the local population in the Prague 7 district. We strive to assist newly arrived Hongkongers to adopt the Czech way of life and pass on Hong Kong culture.

Founded by creative and diligent Hongkongers and Czech people, NGO DEI is renowned in Prague as a Hong Kong organization. We are currently operating the “Jsem Čaj Kee” cafe and gallery DEI, to promote the value ​​of Hong Kong. Last month, NGO DEI hosted the “Hong Kong XX Festival” and convened Hongkongers from all tracts of Europe. Attracting numbers of young volunteers. NGO DEI believes the creativity and energetic attributes of the youth are essential in promoting Hong Kong culture and our organization.

Crowdfunding goals

NGO DEI has only been established for five months and is still in its infancy. Even though it has its own share of popularity and cooperating with the Linhart Foundation, which has been promoting art and culture in the Czech Republic for over 30 years, the work of NGO DEI is still done mostly by generous volunteers, and its daily expenses are still dependent on the founder’s private savings.

The goal of this crowdfunding is TWO MILLION Hong Kong dollars (approximately 221,600 Euros) to be the working capital of NGO DEI in 2022 (for daily operations, advertising, publications, exhibitions, and events) and the start-up of the Entrepôt Internship Programme (EIP), which will be launched to assist passionate youths to Europe for exchange and share the spirit of Hongkonger. The length of the internship is twelve months. (Detail of the proportion of crowdfunding funds are in Annex 1 )

Entrepôt Internship Program

Program content:

EIP takes Prague to facilitate gathering of Hongkongers across Europe, not on the internet but in real life. Participants are able to meet Hongkongers in different fields across Europe, benefiting from a living allowance and gaining work experience in different fields in different conventions.

Field of internship:

The role of the EIP participants is divided into administrative assistant , curatorial assistant , and catering. Participants will be rotating to different roles every 2 months to experience the operation of the NGO and explore their own potential. We believe participants are able to obtain specific work skills in event management and service experience and be able to pursue a career in the cultural arts or catering industry after the programme.

Programme detail :

  • Sponsoring a one year “cultural exchange visa”
  • providing accommodation and allowance to lower the threshold for Hong Kong youths to come to Europe.
  • Introducing youths who are interested in the art industry stepping into the field with real curatorial processes and understanding the operations of the local art scene.
  • Introducing youths who are interested in the catering industry can exercise their strengths in “Jsem Čaj Kee”.
  • NGO DEI will increase the allowance and provide a one-way ticket for the interns, and grow the number of interns when the crowdfunding achieves a higher objective.
  • NGI DEI actively develops a network of Hongkongers across Europe, to enable youth to explore more career opportunities in the conventions .

Screening and capacity:

This program is based on a one-year cultural visa, the internship phase is expected to be six-month. 6-10 applicants will be accepted six-monthly. If any participants seek a better opportunity during the period, we will fill their vacancies immediately by reviewing the new candidate.

Stage 1 (the first 20 days after crowdfunding goal is reached): Applicants are required to provide a 500 words or a 2 minutes clip of introduction and their vision for the programme, a reference letter could be optional. NGO DEI will carefully consider the material and purpose of coming to Europe. An online interview will be conducted.

Stage 2 (21-30 days): Announce the end of the application period and notify the applicants of the result.

Stage 3(31-90days): Assist the interns in applying for a cultural exchange visa and arriving in the Czech Republic.

Cultural exchange visa:

The internship program is based on a cultural exchange visa application (for documents and basic procedures, please refer to Culture | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic ( ). Unlike working visas, the NGO will provide applicants with accommodation, insurance and allowance.

Crowdfunding gifts:

In order to thank you for your support, NGO DEI has prepared the following gifts in return:

For donations of over 40 Euros, we will send an online certificate of appreciation.

For donations of over 120 Euros, we will send a certificate of appreciation and a limited edition “NGO DEI add oil” X Time.stamper.2047 key tag.

For donations of over 600 Euros, we will send a certificate of appreciation, with a limited edition “NGO DEI add oil” X Time.stamper.2047 key tags and crowdfunding VIP membership.

*Crowdfunding VIP membership will get the annual report, as well as 30% off discounts for 2 years.