The Story of Tantra

Tantra is mysterious, provoking, hard to grasp, controversial, both praised and dishonored, but primarily unique, impressive, open-minded, and effective way to get to know ourselves and our personal limits. Feature documentary film by Viliam Poltikovič presents Tantra in its original Hindu and Buddhist form including current Neotantra. A story of Tantra intertwines with a story of exceptional tantric artist Papia Ghoshal, who lives in Calcutta, London, and Zbraslav. We’ll visit places where Tantra lives since the very beginning. We’ll take a look into powerful and bizarre rituals and practices in India and Tibet. There are significant people such as the 14th Dalai Lama, Daniel Odier, Rob Preece, Anandi Ma, Stanislav Grof, Chokyong Palga Rinpoche, and others who will introduce us to Tantra.