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Thanks for your support! UVIDÍME SE! 有緣再聚! NGO DEI Suspension Notice
On 6th May 2022, the exact date of our 1st-anniversary celebration, we made a grieved announcement that we will be moving out from our current venue and temporarily suspending operations from 10 July 2022. Thanks to your support, NGO DEI has successfully held more than 80 human rights, freedom, climate-related exhibitions and artistic events in the past year. In November 2021, NGO DEI proposed the "Entrepôt Internship Program" and started an online fundraising campaign. In the end, we were able to raise about HKD$160,000 as a start-up fund, which was far from our target of HKD$2,000,000. Unfortunately, since the outbreak of the Ukrainian-Russian war, our rent and utility fees have been increased drastically, which has impacted our operation significantly and leave us no choice but to close down the place, as well as postponing the internship program until further notice. We hereby apologise and hope you understand.

From 4th June (Sat), NGO DEI will be hosting the "Truth Prevail - Hong Kong Revolution after Václav Havel" exhibition and the first Hongkonger Summit, supported by DOX - center for contemporary arts, and Book World Prague 2022. As much as we know it is excessive to put up this remarkable event, we prioritized the Hong Kong Movement Exhibition and spent most of our capital (HK$160,000) to cover all the cost, which includes the transportation fee of the Pillar of Shame, Hong Kong Lady Liberty, Naked Evil Taking Off, as well as the production cost of the outdoor photo exhibition at Book World Prague 2022.

After organising and hosting the event mentioned above, the capital employed of NGO DEI will come to zero. Closing down the space in Letohradská 10 does not mean we will abort completely. On the contrary, we will be restructuring our running model, as well as using our operating experiences and our network of people and continue our duty more efficiently and effectively, as we believe we are obliged to fight for what we believe.

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Perseverance and Solidarity

NGO DEI (我地) is a non-profit organization based in Prague, which started by a group of Czech and Hong Kong people. In Cantonese, 我地 means ‘Us’ or ‘My Land’. In English interpretation, D.E.I. represents Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion. We hope to assemble people to share their cultures and ideas. We hope the place will become a collaborative space for everybody who has the urge to advocate their beliefs and missions.

‘Perseverance and Solidarity’ (逆境自存,群策群力) is the spirit of Hong Kong. In this difficult time of Pandemic, we need to be persistent and unified, that’s the way to recover and to benefit the community.

Hong Kong in the middle of Prague

we aim

To promote Hong Kong culture

The origin of establishing our NGO is to promote Hong Kong culture to the public. Hong Kong is a unique melt pot of an East-meet-West characteristic. Due to the economic transformation after the colonial era, Hong Kong experienced rapid development of urbanization. High technology has been replacing our traditional practice, many customs and practices do not receive enough attention. Hence, for our younger generation or foreigners, the traditional culture of Hong Kong appears to be unfamiliar. To protect our disappearing intangible treasure, founders are wishing to create a route to delivering interesting Hong Kong folk wisdom and traditional values for all around the world.

To serve the neighbor and the city

We believe that art takes an important part of the culture. In the same way, art cannot live separately from a culture. Through organizing art and cultural events, NGO DEI wishes both organizers and audiences to embody the vision from actual practices, liberate our wild imaginations and turn it into an experience. In the meanwhile, dedicating ourselves to the local community in Prague 7 and spread our idea to the entire Prague city by holding events and offering services. As well as collecting new collaborators, we are looking forward to meeting with local residents. Be part of the local community and to create events that could interest and benefit the inhabitants in Prague7.

To be the bridge of different cultures

Prague is a place of miracle, it brings all the dream chasers together, to follow their hearts with courage and succeed in their pursuit. A lot of international expats establish their life and career here, however, it is a pity that there is always a gap between locals and foreigners. Our biggest wish is to infuse the idea of active cultural exchange and to create a platform that could motivate the interaction between the Czech and the international community. Along with the diversity of international identities, we would like to invite artists from different countries to set out and to cooperate.