"Support a little, achieve a lot."

Helping Youᵗʰ Art Funding

"Many ideas, many plans, and many creative projects have been interrupted due to lack of funding!" 

We understand this struggle, as many artists aspire to find sponsorship to support their projects, whether it's creation, exhibitions, or publications. From planning to venue rental, everything requires money. 

That's why we hope to support you through our Art Funding platform, not only for Hong Kong residents in Europe but also for Hongkongers overseas. Our aim is to assist in organizing diverse cultural and artistic activities... 

Apply now

How to apply:
Please submit the following documents to [email protected]:
1) Basic Information: Artist or organization name and website
2) Portfolio/CV
3) ​Proposal Guidelines:
    Length: 300-1000 words or 1-5 pages.
    Include a schedule outlining the proposed timeline.
    Clearly state the subject matter of the proposal.
    Describe the intended display/production method.
    Encourage the inclusion of relevant images or visualizations to enhance the proposal.
4) Budget Plan: Depending on your needs, funding ranges from 100 to 1000 euros.
5) ​Kindly submit your application on the 15th of each month.

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